S’MORES Team :)

S’MORES PARTY aims to strengthen the bond between the members of the church, to invite new people within the community and to glorify God. This year, the theme of the event is, “S’MORES 2011: HE IS THE WAY AND YO IS WHAT WE SAY”.

This year’s S’MORES Party was lead by France. It was also through S’mores last 2010 that France became more involved in Stillwaters. Toni on the other hand being the head of last year’s S’mores is training France. It is great to be working with these committed ladies 🙂


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Sinners in the hands of a Loving God :)

I learned new things today in my Bible Study with Iya, Mon, L, Drei and Shai. These women strive to make a difference in their college lives by creating a movement in AIT (Asian Institute of Tourism). We learned that our hands even if we are sinful are the hands God love to hold; our past bring us closer to God; and that desperation gives us the courage to seek God’s heart. These we learned as we read the story of the sick woman that Jesus healed in Mark 5.

And more, our time together made us realize the depth of Jesus’ love with how He healed our broken hearts when He saved us. It is very refreshing to remember what Jesus did 🙂

Iya, Mon, Claud, L, Drei and Shai 🙂

O Jesus, we will forever be grateful for coming through. Thank you that You came to save us. Amen.
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Now a woman :)

Julie has been a part of Stillwaters for one year now and we celebrated her 18th birthday last Thursday night. Julie is Sam’s disciple (a student leader). What’s amazing about Julie is her passion and her heart for Jesus. She is now sharing her faith and handling Bible study with her friend. Her enthusiasm and excitement to share Jesus is very evident whenever she share stories about her walk with God.

It’s beautiful to witness a life transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.

Julie, Sam and I 🙂

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Hopeful Hearts

I had a wonderful time with the Thursday House Church Leaders a while ago. One thing that I am blessed about our time together was the reality of hope in their hearts. They just came from a leader’s meeting where one of the leaders stepped down from leadership due to some issues but thankfully this they say won’t stop them from moving forward and pursuing Jesus. They are very committed in helping and building each other up.

Indeed, hope in God is living and active.

O God of Hope, Thank you for these leader's dedication and commitment to You! Amen.

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